Search Engine Optimization

Xi Tech Solutions is well equipped to provide the best services to attract visitors to your site. In Xi tech solutions the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is done in steps like: analysis of your site along with key word research. A constant effort is made until the ranking of client website is improved. Our experienced and expertise team possess excellent skills in web designing, content writing and other services as well.

In Xi Tech Solutions SEO is done professionally and with full knowledge, understanding your market, competitors and visitors. The main aim is to attract visitors to your site and turn them to prospective client.

Search Engine Optimization is totally coupled with a good design of your web page. If your sites look dull then no use, visitor will not read the content and will visit some another website so better to develop your page by an expert hand and optimize it in better way. Xi Tech Solutions have the power, skill and experience to deliver you the best and obviously in time.

Domain Booking & Web Hosting

Create your occurrence on the Internet with an exclusive Domain Name and create your own website with one of our easy to use Web Hosting packages. Continued expansion in Internet practice and confidence in e-commerce means that now more than ever businesses require an effective website to converse with their customers. Whether any company requires creating and developing a new website, or simply need to host their existing website, Xi Tech is offering something more fit their requirements. Xi Tech offer services built in both Windows and Linux Operating Systems and bundled with both MySQL & MS SQL database support with wide range of ready-made applications such as Drupal, Joomla, Wordpress etc.

E Commerce

The explosion in the use of the Internet has paved the way for several path-breaking innovations. One of the most interesting and exciting aspects of this evolution is the emergence of electronic business (e-business) as a mainstream and viable alternative to more traditional methods of businesses being conducted today. E-business is defined as the process of using electronic technology to do business. It is the day and age of electronic business. Also the structure of the Web is rapidly evolving from a loose collection of Web sites into organized market places. The phenomena of aggregation, portals, large enterprise sites, and business-to-business applications are resulting in centralized, virtual places, through which millions of visitors pass daily.

Data Analysis And Warehousing

Xi Data Ware housing team has extensive expertise in delivering comprehensive Data Ware housing solutions. Xi framework enables the seamless integration of Data Warehousing and Internet technologies to provide real-time business intelligence through a browser. Using our process framework, we help your business analysts, employees, suppliers, partners, and customers to access vital information. Data Ware housing Solutions include: End-to-end solutions design and development, Business requirements analysis and data modeling, ETL architecture and development and Custom reporting and OLAP solutions such as data mining.

The technologies are frequently used in customer relationship management (CRM) to analyze patterns and query customer databases. Large quantities of data are searched and analyzed to discover useful patterns or relationships, which are then used to predict future behavior.

Graphic Design

Graphic designers are charged with creating the imagery, design collateral, and visual themes that form such an important part of an organization’s product development, brand building and marketing initiatives. Generally graphic designers will be adept at using software to create artwork in a variety of media. Organizations of all kinds enlist graphic designers to help convey their message and position their brands, and graphic design has taken on a special importance for web-based companies where design and user experience can play such a vital role in determining the success of a business. Some designers work for advertising firms while others work freelance, gaining experience with a diverse client base. When collaborating on a project, designers will often work closely with copywriters to arrange text on an advertisement and discuss font and color options.

Software Re-Engineering

Xi Software Re-engineering Solutions provide strategies, methodologies, techniques, and tools that help clients re-engineer, rather than replace their existing legacy systems to keep pace with evolving business and technology requirements. We combine the knowledge of the client's business system processes with sophisticated re-engineering tools to provide a highly flexible migration path to the IT solutions of the future. Xi tech solutions can re-engineer all the architectural layers of your legacy systems including presentation layers, business logic, databases, and data re-engineering solutions can migrate mainframe applications to distributed, client/server or Web-enabled systems, extract business rules, re-architect business rules as a set of reusable components, assist in moving from one mainframe system or database to another, and seamlessly integrate package solutions with the existing legacy systems. We have extensive experience in transitioning old systems to newer technologies. Our extensive experience in working with legacy systems, coupled with an in-depth knowledge of emerging e-business technologies, enables us to offer innovative Web-based solutions that leverage both the power of the Internet and the client's legacy environment. We offer several options to Web-enable existing legacy mainframe/client-server system.

Standalone Application

Standalone applications are traditional software that are installed on each client system. Essence Computing only develops platform-independent applications, so that the user can use any Operating System of their choice on the system. The data can optionally reside on a Central server, so that the users get synchronised data. For example, in an office with 30 systems, standalone application needs to be installed on each of these 30 systems. However, if there is a central server in the office, data can be stored in that system, to which each of the application will connect to. This way, all the 30 systems get up-to-date data on their application in real time.













Outsourcing Your Application Needs Can Be A Scary Prospect, Especially If You're Engaging An Indian.-Based Company. How Is Your IP Protected? What Recourses Do You Have In The Event Something Goes Wrong? It's Perfectly Normal And Wise To Ask These Questions. But Our Clients Can Rest Their Minds And Stretch Back From These Issues. We Guard Our Client's IP Like It's Our Own. And As A Result, Our Clients Benefit From The Security Of Dealing With An Indian Based Software Company And Gain The Price Advantages Of Overseas Labor.



Speed Is Nothing If It Isn't Accompanied By Quality. The Standard Specifically Requires A Company To Infuse Quality Into Their Entire Development Process And Obviously Post Delivery Support For Clients. Being Certified Demonstrates That Regardless Of Budget, Timeline Or Scope Issues Surrounding A Project, Our Team Consistently Holds To Our Processes And Delivers The Highest Quality Solutions.



As We Are Situated In An Educational Hub Of India It's Absolutely True That Our Clients' Budgets Benefit From Our Highly Technical And Easy Available Workforce. But That's Not The End Of The Story. We Recognize That Not Every Piece Of Every Project Is A Good Fit For Offshore Development. Sometimes, Our Clients Need On-Site Support For Highly Collaborative, Mission-Critical Projects. Other Times, The Right Answer Is A Mix Of Onshore And Offshore Resources. We Give Our Clients Choices. And Regardless Of The Staffing Choice, We Work To Minimize The Total Cost Of The Project.